August 04, 2010

Jon and Eryn are Married!

Ok, ok, they have been married for a few weeks now, but I’m a little slow now that we are home again. Recuperating from vacation and all that. I have so many photos from the past month that there are too many for just one post, this time I’ll just put wedding related photos up, and next time I’ll play a little catch up.

Jon and David

It’s been a while since Jon and David have seen each other.


Men trying on their tuxes.

Batchalorette party

Future bride, current bride, most recent bride and what we do to them at bachelorette parties. :)

rehearsal rehearsal

Rehearsal. Don’t they look good!


Pre-wedding photos. I love that man. You know, the one in the front. He’s the Best man.

Wedding party

Wedding Party

Hjelle Family

The New Hjelle Family. We love you Eryn!!!

Wedding begins

The wedding begins! (It’s hard to take good photos when i’m so close to the action, but I have a few!)

Bride and dad

Eryn and Jon

making it legal

Making it legal.

Prayer of blessing

Prayer of blessing by the parents.


Bride and Groom! I mean, Newlyweds!


My Best man again!




Jon’s side of the family. :)


Sweet peas for the drive back to Fargo.

Love to all! In Christ,


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