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    After spending hours looking up hand carved wooden spoons, or wooden spoons in general, I thought I should share with you some that I found. :) Many of these links are found at Pinewood Forge’s webpage of links. If you know of any that I haven’t found yet, please feel free to let me know.

    Let me start by directing you to my own spoon page.

  • Jar of Wood
  • It amazes me how with a wood and a knife and a bit of work, I am able to fashion something almost beautiful! It is a delight to me to be able to create with my own hands, tools for my own use. It excites me so much that I can’t keep it to myself and often want to tell people what I have been up to. David created this very beautiful web page for me to display and sell my spoons.

    Here are some of the web pages I look at most frequently:

    • The Spoon Lady is, the first web site I came across when I started researching spoon carving. A good how-to page on how to carve.
    • Pinewood Forge This is the second page I came across when researching spoon carving, and my favorite by far! I love the idea of making my own spoons for every day eating use! (It’s not just an idea anymore, David and I use spoons I have made regularly.) Be sure to go to the home page link at the bottom of the page, it has more links available than what is linked to on this page. Also don’t miss this great page of Hungarian Spoons, they have been inspiring to me.
    • Hout van Bomen Being a good Dutch girl, I was excited to see this page of spoon makers in Holland! Warning, it’s in Dutch, but has an English summary.
    • Wally’s World of Wood I’m almost jealous of the amout of spoons in these pictures! Do I really want to getting into spoon making this much? It sure looks like fun!
    • Canadian Wood Crafts It wouldn’t be complete without a Canadian carver, he does beautiful work! Here is a link to his separate blog: Spoon Carver’s blog
    • The Crafty Owl A web site I’ve gone to frequently for encouragement about making simple spoons. Sometimes I feel like I need to get fancier in my carving and learn new things, which is good, but it’s good to know I can work on the plain and simple too. I also love their salad fingers, one of my favorite ideas yet!
    • Canadian Moose Spoons Just for fun :) Here is their homepage: Kootenay Spoons

    Here are more pages of individual carvers:

    Here are some pages of handmade kitchen utensils sold by bigger business:

    And some pages that are not just spoons:

    Love Spoons

    There is a whole world out there dedicated to making a type of spoons called “Love Spoons” They are usually fancy spoons meant to be hung on the wall rather than used in the kitchen. This is why I don’t add these links under Fancy Spoons. They are fancy and not usually functional. I like functional spoons best, but Love Spoons need to be recognized too. So here are a few links of Love Spoons.

    How to Start Carving

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