Wooden Spoons

The First Attempts

When I decided I wanted to take up carving again, this is what resulted. A tablespoon, teaspoon measurement from basswood. Not the most durable, but good for practice and fun for showing off :)

two more spoons, the top two from my little blocks of wood

Soup Spoons

Walnut Spoons

I just finished two walnut spoons that I have been working on for a while. The top one is made from the same shape spoon blank as the eating spoons. The other is a short handled mixing spoon.

Black and White

Blue and spoons

Teeny Tiny Spoons

These are the two spoons I made before I bought nicer knives and stronger wood. They are really not useful in everyday use, but they were helpful to me in practicing making spoons

“Before” Black Walnut Mixing Spoon

I love the process of spoon making. Taking a rought piece of wood and turning it into something beautiful.

“After” Black Walnut Mixing Spoon

This it the beautiful that resulted.

Walnut and Maple

Green Jar

Wood Background

Grass Background

Strawberry Jam


Works in Progress

First Zig-Zag Spoon

Spiral Handled Salad Spoon

Red, White, and Black



Blackberry Jar


Different Woods

From left to right: a very dark Black Walnut, a lighter black walnut, two padauk, Maple and Cherry.

First Christmas Ornaments

Oven Rack Pulls

Walnut Mixing Spoons

Cherry Mixing Spoons

Salad Set

Bowl of Baby Spoons

Baby Spoons

Soup Spoons

Soup Spoons of Colour


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