January 31, 2010

Van Oords get Dogs

I am quite excited to share that my sister Julia just got a dog! I didn’t know that our family has been aching for dogs all these years, but it appears to be so.

My brother has a dog. He had a yellow lab, Sammy, for a long time, but after that dog died he got another yellow lab, named Skippy, to grow up with his boys on the farm. (Sorry I don’t have a photo)

My sister Elizabeth got a puppy this spring. I was so jealous! As soon as David and I thought we might be moving I started talking hard about getting a dog, and looking up all the available dogs in Fargo that I could find out about on line. Molly is a black cockapoo. The kids love her!

Molly and kids

Lincoln and Molly

Then, in October, as you know, Bella joined us and we are learning so much and it keeps getting better!



Now there is Sophie. A black Miniature Poodle that Julia adopted. What a cutie!


Debbie has declared that she does NOT want a dog. But does enjoy ours I am sure.

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