Highlights of 2008

Home Sweet Home

David being going to Boston for a conference

Valentines Day

David’s surprise for me. The best part was, I really was surprised! It’s hard to seak things past me!

David Studying

High Winds!

Church’s Women’s Retreat

One of the best parts of the retreat was having enough snow to go sledding! Although technically it wasn’t sledding.

Great Fun Tubing!

Jon and Eryn

Typical Hjelle Brothers

At the Sciencenter

White Room

White Room

Two Tired people waiting for the Train back to Iowa

Mom and Dad at the ornithology lab

Eating brats in the Commons

Dad working on his Birthday

Family Dick Van Oord

Dad flew us all out to help him celebrate his Brithday.

Dad enjoying the comedians

Tante Gerda

The new Chicken song

Singing the Hjelle Birthday Song

“You’re older than you were before, and now you’re even older…” By They Might Be Giants

Jen And Richard

Debbie and Julia

Elizabeth and Kevin

Jack and Jacob

Keturah, Julia and the spoon

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

Last night of Bible study party.

Volunteering with GCF at the Children’s Garden

Our Garden

Flowers for our Anniversary

Sunset on the pond

Our painted corner of the living room

Visiting Heather and meeting Judah!

Grandma Simonson’s Grandson’s

(Minus one who wasn’t able to make it.)


David’s birhtday (cake)

It’s really the day after his birthday, but no one is noticing :)

Sing time

Don, Kelly and Josiah

Make a Joyful Noise!

David wanted to play a guitar too, but he doesn’t know how to yet. I gave him two spoons to use for percussion, but it wasn’t enough for him. He found out that by adding a few other pieces of unfinished spoons, he could make some really pretty noise.

Fire Starting

David, Don, and Adam

Camp style breakfast

Don, Kelly, Rita and David

Josiah and Adam’s Bible study

Good times!

Adam and Josiah (laughing at David)

Good-bye old car

Cousin Mark’s Wedding.

Hello New Car

First Fruits from our Garden

Visit from Mom and Dad Hjelle!

David’s new FREE tent!

Dad and David took a walk downtown while Mom and I were shopping and found a free sale. They picked up a tent and when we checked it out in our living room, it looks like they got a great deal!

David’s beard before he shaved

Thanksgiving with Josiah and Adam

Visiting David’s lab

Spoiled for my Birthday

A Birthday Kiss

Birthday Fondu

Friend and Walking Buddy, Mindy

Playing for my on my Birthday

Josiah and Adam

Notice the height difference.

A visit with Barbie in Sioux Center

The Los kids

My Friend Cherie

Christmas Dinner

Books and a Leatherman for Christmas

Books and Movies for me! Exciting!

Stocking Gifts

Good Sport

David telling Jon and Dad about his work

Hjelle Family (plus Eryn)

Christmas with the Hjelle’s

Merry Christmas!

Christmas with Mom and Dad

Visiting Bob and Alyssa on the way home


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