Highlights of 2005

D & R January

A picture of us taken on January 1, 2005

D & R John’s Wedding

How can I resist getting a picture of us when David looks so good in his tux! This is my favorite of the ones we took.

David as live entertainment

David having fun at Ruby’s birthday.

Apartment in Feb 05

As of Feb, this is what our apartment looked like. I do need to get an updated picture though. I moved the desk on the back wall to the side wall. And we have red and yellow curtians that make a huge difference to the feel of the room. And they hide the not so pleasant pink shades ;)

Rita and sisters

My Girlfriend and I took a road trip to Ontario this past March. She wanted to see another friend of hers before she moved out west and I wanted to see my family. It was a quick trip but seeing family and friends was worth it!

Rita with Chicago skyline

Another picture from my trip to Ontario. Allison and I stopped by Chicago on the way home for a day.

D & R Spring Banquet

Since I was a part time sort of student we decided to go to the Spring Fling because we had never been to one together while I was at Dordt. There was a “cruise” theme for the night, not the car cruising type either :) This is also where we adopted our fish, I’ll have to add a picture of him too.

D & R First Anniversary!

May 22, 2004. It was a good day.

David and TV

Well, here is a picture of TV, short for Terrance Victor. TV because we don’t have one, now we do! Acutally, we have two fish now, but I need to take a picture of the two of them together yet. It will come eventually :) The other fish’s name is Fanny. :)

Rita after her wisdom teeth operation

Don’t I look cute!?! Thankfully I wasn’t in pain at the time either. God was good! Thanks Al for the great scarf! ;) It was a lifesaver that week!

Rita with Cubby cheeks!

I thought you would enjoy this! :) It wasn’t taken at the cubbiest point, but the day after. What an adventure! If you look closely, you will notice I am trying to smile :) Even in my tired drugged-up state. :)

David’s 25th Birthday!!!

I thought I’d put up a different picture of us for David’s birhtday. It’s easy to get stuck putting up and taking posed pictures all the time. So I thought I’d try a bit of variety if I could. Plus the other picture, although is one of my favorites, is on the weight loss announcment, so this one is for variety ;)

David and Jon at the Simonson Family Reunion

David and Rita at the Simonson reunion

The reunion was in a beautiful park, I had to take the opportunity to get a few fun pictures taken :)

Sioux Center Parade

David and I joined the company he works for in their parade. It was a ton of fun giving candy away! And we got free tee shirts ;)

Jenna and Allison Came to Visit!!

We had a wonderful visit from Jenna and Allison, two of David’s high school friends. It was short but so good for us! It was great to really connect with friends again.

Showing off my rainbow skirt, again

Visit to David’s Parents

Well you see, I got this super fun skirt in Sioux Center’s crazy days sale. It fits me so well. I love bright colours and i can’t pick just one, so the whole rainbow is perfect. After wearing this skirt to church a number of times the worship leader has given me a new name “Rainbow Rita” This picture was taken at David’s parents home. David’s dad took the picture for us, great one isn’t it?!

Corn Palace With Ruby

Poor David, although he is supposed to be the one with the traveling job, he hasn’t gone very far yet and this is the second time his wife leaves him for a week with the girls! Ruby and I took a road trip to Montana to visit with Allison DeJong for the weekend! It was great fun!

Wall Drug

Yes, we even stopped at Wall Drug on the way! Those silly signs!! They became quite annoying, even if reading them was more interesting than the scenery at times!

Montana With Allison!!!

We had a very full and fun weekend with Al! And a few pictures to prove that we where there :)

David at Omaha Zoo

One of my favorite parts at the Omaha zoo is the statue garden. The fun statues make for exciting or interesting photos ;) Especially when you add David to the mix!

Flight Simulator

David and I visited the Omaha Strategic Air and Space Museam on our vacation. We decided to try out the flight simulator. It was a lot of fun!!! We could go upside down and roll and so much! It was great! The only problem was that I was so very tired and by 2 minutes into the ride I was feeling rather nauseous! But it was worth it!

Camp Faces

I didn’t take many pictures of David and I camping, or of David setting up the tent, but I did take a picutre or two of how we looked after 4 days with out a shower ;)

My 26th Birthday!

Fanny, Amos and Hosea in our TV

Well, TV (the other fish) has expired. Jumped out of the tank at night. Didn’t get very far. We had Fanny also at the time. Decided she needed friends so aquired Amos and Hosea for company. If you look really closely you might be able to see the three guppies too! (expendable crew fish)

Home for Christmas ‘06!!

It was wonderful to go back to Canada for Christmas. It had been over 14 months since we left and moved to the states. It was great to see everyone, especially the neice and nephews, they change a lot in 14 months!!! But we had plenty of time to get reaquainted and loved every minute of it!!

Oma and her grandkids

I’m sure Mom was having a great time with her grandkids! Just look at her!

Christmas Music!!

David brought his trumpet so he could play for my family while were were at home for Christmas. Jen was playing a few songs for the Christmas service at church, so she asked David to join her. Just before our family party Jack and others asked if he would play his trumpet for us. It was even more exciting when Kevin came out with his trumpet too!!!


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