Someday, more links will come here. But, in the meantime, here are some blogs of some good friends of mine:

  • Epiginoskein is, despite its name that is entirely Greek to me, the blog of a friend of mine named Nevada. Some fun theological discussions going on there.
  • JohnELogs is the blog of a former college roommate (and good friend) of mine. Thoughts on all sorts of different topics—many theological, philosophical, and political.
  • The Extinguished Scholar My brother’s former roommate, once distinguished now extinguished. I think he’s distinguished.
  • Meditations of a Montana Girl A friend and former roommate of Rita’s from college. She’s a great creative writer and it comes out in many of her blogs.
  • Elizabeth Joy’s scrapbook pages. The way Rita loves to keep in touch with part of her family and learn what is going on. Liz is a great scrapbooker and has a lot of people watching her work, check it out!
  • MvO is Rita’s Mom’s scrapbook pages. Also very well done, and how Rita keeps updated on the other half of her family!

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