April 17, 2010

A Visit from Mom and Dad!

Do you know that I am glad that Mom didn’t realize how far away Fargo is? If she did, she might not have decided to come visit us on their way home from their latest DRS trip down south.

It was a long drive for them, and very much out of the way, but I am so glad they came! We had a blast! When we were not eating and playing games, we were shopping or something similar. My favorite part was the games. I miss playing games! Good thing I’ll be visiting them in a month!

I’ve not been good at remember to take photos lately, but I did get a few I can share with you.

Stave Church

On Tuesday we went to the Hjemkomst Center to see the Stave Church.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

Riding Ferris Wheel

Mom and I riding the Sheels Ferris Wheel.

Dad waiting

Taking a Picture of Dad waiting for us so we can get some coffee (and ice cream and pie and fudge and…)

Sunny Bella

Bella sunning herself while she waits for us to be ready to take her for her walk. Mom and Dad were still in bed at this point, or she wouldn’t look quite so relaxed. She did better with them than we thought she would, but still a bit skittish.

Mom and Bella

Mom taking a turn walking Bella, and Bella wondering why I dropped behind.

walking dog

It’s too bad that I cut Dad’s head off in this photo, or it would have been a really good one. It’s still a good one to leave you with.

Thank you so much for coming Mom and Dad! See you in about a month, Lord willing!

Love to you all,


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