March 20, 2010

Spring in Fargo

Horray! Spring is finally coming to Fargo!

Well, I’m really about two weeks too late with this announcement, but it’s still true. About two or three weeks ago the sun started shining brightly and started melting the snow. Then it rained lightly for a week straight, and now the sun is out again. The snow is mostly gone and I’m excited to be walking the dog in warmer weather!

Along with the melting snow, and the bit of rain that we had, the river is again rising. You may have heard about the flooding Fargo and surrounding areas had last year, this year is also expected to be rather high, but not quite as high as last year.

For date night, David and I decided to go flood hunting together. We live in West Fargo, and don’t have to worry about flooding really. We also purposefully have a second story apartment.

Here are a few photos of our drive last night.


I believe this is supposed to be nice park by the river. It’s not a part of town we are usually in, so I can’t say for sure.


No, this is not a beautiful lake. Well, it does look like it here, but I believe this is a field that got in the way of the water. The water won.


The road we were driving on suddenly came to a stop with these road signs. The water was running over the road here pretty quickly.

On Ramp

Here you can see the flooding in the fields better. It’s a photo taken on the on ramp to the highway. You can see the fence posts, etc. As we drove down the highway we could see that it wouldn’t take much more rising for the south bound highway to be taken over by water too.

Mc Cauleyville After getting to a point where we couldn’t see much from the highway, we saw a sign for Fort Abercrombie, so we thought we’d check it out on the way too. After passing the and getting to the MN side of the river, we saw this historic sign.


And one of Bella just to make you smile. She did join us for our flood hunting, and really enjoyed smelling the fields thought the crack in the window, but this photo is of her watching for David when we picked him up from work on Thursday.

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