December 22, 2009

Another Diabetic day (plus two nights).

Well, it might not be as exciting as the last one, but it has been quietly stressful for me the past two nights and a day.

Sunday night I was getting ready for bed, late because I was finishing an excellent book, and I needed to do a quick set change with my pump. Not a big deal, I have to do it every three days anyway. But this time, as I was priming the pump it started doing it’s vibrating thing when it shouldn’t. I looked on the screen and saw “A33” I pushed a button, and it flashed at me. Hmmm… this is interesting.

After a bit of fiddling I realized that the pump was stuck in a rewind/prime loop because of this “A33.” I dug out the manual to find out what “A33” was. The manual simpily said that it was an Alarm. (Well, that is good information, kind of…) The number, 33, indicated what kind of alarm it was, but the book doesn’t share all those details.

So, I called Medtronic’s 24 hour help line. I am so very glad for that line! (Although they just changed the number on me and the recording told me to look at my recent mailings for the new number. But I don’t have a recent mailing with a new number! I did find it online though. )

Long and the short of it… I was about to go through a pump users biggest fear, being pump-less because of a pump malfunction. I’ve been using a pump for almost 4 years now, and for the past 4 years my pump has nicely done all my thinking for me. I barely remember how to take a needle to get insulin, let alone figure out how much to take!

David got up for me, just before midnight, to see if he could find a way to get the information off my pump so I could guess at how much insulin to take to keep me well until morning. It didn’t work because the alarm on my pump was also blocking any ability to get information off of it. So I had to wing it.

For the past 34 hours I have been “winging it.” And doing a pretty good job if I say so myself. But it was stressful. I was busy making sure I had put insulin in me at least every 4 hours, so I wouldn’t have any ketone trouble like I had a few weeks ago. I also forgot how to treat a low. I mean, how much sugar do you take when you don’t have the option to shut the insulin off at the same time? So I stayed close to home, did little exercise, and a lot of eating.

This morning the UPS guy delivered my replacement pump. It is set up and attached, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am! It’s familiar. I’m used to constantly thinking about my pump: where it is, where to attach it, what to do with it while I am changing clothes or showering. I am glad I have it back to do my thinking for me. I don’t have to worry about getting out a syringe and vial every time I want a little snack, I can just push a button or two. I don’t have to eat if I don’t want to and I can eat if I do want to. It’s a lot easier on the brain. I am glad to have it back!

My pump

Me and my pump, just about 4 years ago when we first got it.)

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December 08, 2009

Ten things I would write about if I took the time to do so:

*Birthday Quilt - This does deserve a post or two of it’s own, so I won’t go into more detail now.

Quilt Pieces

*Bella - I could always say more about Bella, since she is my new constant companion and we are learning more together all the time. Beautiful in her walking gear.

Walking Bella

*Great Blogger’s Ornament Exchange! - This does deserve a post of it’s own, so I’ve put one up on Jar of Wood You should check it out!

*Our “Post Thanksgiving Shopping Deal” - Our New Table! Only 36 dollars!! Can’t be beat! I saw it at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift shop just before Thanksgiving, thought David should see it with me after work on Friday, being the day after Thanksgiving, and it was half price! It also JUST fit in the car and the door to the apartment. Good thing! Wood, round, like new, two leaves, and matches our chairs!

new Table

*My 30th Birthday - What a Fantastic day! David and I took it nice and easy which was perfect after a busy Thanksgiving. Thank you everyone for the Birthday greetings! That was wonderful!

30th Birthday

(Highlight of the day, bringing Bella to the dog park for the first time. It’s so much fun to watch her run!)

*Christmas Decorating (or, Where is my Christmas “Cheer”?) - I feel like I should be excited to decorate for Christmas, but I’m having a hard time doing it. That isn’t normal for me. I think it’s because my birthday was so exciting that I feel like I’ve already had Christmas. So far this is what I’ve done with decorating.


*David in the Christmas Musical - Christmas in the Red - Playing this week! David’s evenings are taken up with orchestra practice!

*Free Christmas Music! - 25 songs free, on each day of December until Christmas. I found other free music there, too, and I’m loving it! I love adding Christmas music to my collection. Every year a few new songs should be added. This year I got 45 songs , free!

*For the love of Plaid - This is the only skirt I still wear from High School. My mom made it for me, I still love it. Besides being warm, it’s the New Brunswick Tartan. Once, while wearing this skirt and had my hair in braids, a man came up to me and asked me if I was really Scottish. I was very sorry to disappoint him. Dutch I am, but glad I can look Scottish too.

Plaid Skirt

*The Invisible Banana - Why don’t we see the browning banana on the counter? In our house, once a banana starts getting a few brown spots, it never fails to turn invisible to us and sits there getting even browner and browner and browner…You don’t need a picture… It’s really too bad that I can’t make good banana bread.

But, I obviously don’t have time to write about all of these things, so you will just have to pretend I did.

In Christ,


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