September 14, 2009

More Photos

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few more photos of our trip to NB and PEI. If not, I am enjoying looking at them, so I’ll share them anyway. Most of them are taken by my sisters, who are the better photographers by far!

Grammie and Me

As always, when we make it out to New Brunswick, I take time to see Grammie. The two years before David and I were married, and the 5 months we were in Canada after we were married we became quite close to Grammie. I miss her a lot and am glad whenever we can visit. David and I took Saturday afternoon to spend with her. It was a nice relaxing afternoon, after driving 15 hours to get there!

Debbie and Lincoln

Debbie and Lincoln enjoying the beach.

Canada Games

The Canada Games were being held on PEI while we were there. Some of the family went to enjoy a few games. Including watching the New Brunswick girl basketball.


More from Siblings Night out. The Brothers at the harbour.


Sisters at the Harbour.

Mc Donald's

While we had the Siblings night out, Opa and Oma took the grand kids to Mc Donald’s for supper.

Keturah as Anne

Keturah as Anne. Ah yes, the tempting hat and braids! Who doesn’t enjoying seeing how pretty of and Anne they would make?

Pizza in the Jail house

Pizza at the old jail house.

North Shore

One day Dad, Julia, Richard, David and I took a drive to the North Point to see the wind mills and the light houses. Now I have been to both ends of the Island. I went to East Point in 2000 with two of my girlfriends.

North Point Rock

North Point Rock.

David's Game face

David’s Game face. Sorry if you can’t see it well, it’s quite the face.

Roller Coaster

We were the only 4 who wanted to go on the Roller Coaster. Here we wait patiently for our turn.

Going Down

The ride down! Yes, being good roller coaster girls, we made use of our lungs and loved every minute of it!

Bumper Boats Another Bumper boat photo, with the park in the back ground.

Rita's Bathroom

Rita is a rare name to find on anything personalized. It was great to see that Cora (the breakfast restaurant) had a bathroom just for me!


One more of the family. I like this one because we are not yet all posed. A little mixed up, just like us.

Nova Scotia

David and I took two nephews and a dog back to New Brunswick with us, while part of the family went to the Anne of Green Gables play. While we were on the way, we thought we’d jump down to Nova Scotia, because we could.

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