September 06, 2009

Moving in:

So, what to say about our move to Fargo? It has been amazing how much God has been working in us, especially me. I can’t even say that God has given me peace about this move, because it’s been more than that. It’s been a “Rightness” to it. So much so that I have been eager to get going. Ithaca has been great, but it was time to move, and because it was time to move, I just wanted to get going.

Fargo is just an hour away from David’s parents. Just about the right distance to finally settle for a while, instead of moving every two years. I am so glad to be able to settle. I am tired of moving, and so is David.

We had a bit of a frustrating mix-up in trying to get an apartment in order. Long story short, after expressing a money order to reserve an apartment, and calling most days on our vacation, we came back to Ithaca only to find out that they rented the apartment from under us. Yes, frustrating, but a God thing. We called the next apartment on our list and the doors opened up wide. Within a half day (verses the week and a half of trying to work things out with the other apartment) we had our apartment reserved and paperwork done. So glad!

Now that we are here, I think I understand why God didn’t let the other apartment work out. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with our new home! And I can call it home so quickly too! There is room here! There is a great little park for kids, and a fenced in area for dogs to play. The rooms are roomy and allow room for us to grow with out feeling squeezed. Enough room “to swing the cat” or dog, as we hope to have some day soon.

The apartments are private entry, which makes the groups of apartments feel a lot more like a community. There are no hallways to sneak down, but coming and going in view of everyone. The kids play together all over the place. I can some people would find it annoying, but I like it a lot. It makes me so happy to see them!

Speaking of hallways, the little one we do have here is wide enough that I’m not constantly running into walls and door jams. It is great!

We have a great sized guest room, and if you give me another week, I hope it will be set up for company, so if you are in the West Fargo area and need a place to stay, look us up!

In Christ,


PS note: The above what written two days ago, I wanted to add another delight before posting.

One of my most favorite things in the world is biking in Holland (yes, the Netherlands). It is so flat there that you can bike for hours and still feel great! At least that has been my experience. Well guess what? Fargo is as flat as Holland! Minus the dikes even.

Yesterday David cleaned up my bike real nicely and we went for a ride to Walmart. It was so enjoyable that I begged David for another short ride tonight. Imagine that! Me, begging to bike! Me, who would rather walk my bike in Sioux Center, Iowa because the small rolling hills were too much for me. Me, who has a really great bike and didn’t touch it once while in Ithaca! (Those hills looked nasty!) I am begging David to bike with me and I love it! (Thank you God for many blessings!)

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