March 26, 2009

Another day…

This week I think David and I are feeling a bit of back-lash from last weeks emotional stress. We are exhausted! But otherwise, we are doing well.

David is struggling with his robot that is refusing to work like it is supposed to. It has been rather discouraging for him. He was able to talk about it, and other things, with a guy friend of ours this week and was encouraged. I am so glad for that! Still, the robot isn’t working…

I spent most of today cutting wood. I received pieces of an apple tree from a friend at church and it has been cluttering the outside of the trailer for the past two weeks. Today I used the band saw to cut up most of the branches into spoon shapes and sizes.

Because the wood is still green (or wet, ie., not dry like at the lumber yard) and I want to keep it wet so it doesn’t crack, half of our freezer is now full of wood. Doesn’t that make for a nice conversation in the grocery store. “Rita, why can’t we buy ice cream this week?” “Sorry David, the freezer is full of wood and there is no room right now.”

It’s a good thing I’m finally cleaning the wood from the front step, David and I went to the Cornell orchards yesterday to get more… It is currently sitting in the back of the car waiting to be unloaded.

That is out life as of today. As for the future: We are hoping to hear back from the Navigators soon, so we can better know where we might be next year; I hope to do a little gardening this spring again; David hopes to finish his robot well and defend his Masters on May 21st; I’m hoping to finish painting the trailer soon, now that it is warm out again and we almost want windows open; and I’ve been going bird watching on the weekends and enjoying it!

We hope you are well! in Christ,


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