June 08, 2011

A Massive Catch-Up

It’s not for lack of activity that I haven’t been updating our web site. It’s been a crazy spring for us. Here is a little bit of why:

Less than two weeks after I arrived home from Grammie’s Funeral, David and I drove to:


To join my family to work with Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s (CRWRC) Disaster Response Services (DRS). My parents help DRS twice a year or more, and love it and wanted us to join them for a week. We worked for a week getting a new house ready for a woman and her children.


David spent the whole week figuring out the electrical stuff for the house.


I helped paint.


We defiantly enjoyed the warm weather!


Loved visiting Jon and Eryn, even though it was brief.


And got a fly by Visit with Lynda!!!!


After we returned home, I should have been quick to share photos and all that, but quite frankly, I was tired, and pregnant. So I didn’t do a whole lot of anything.

Unfortunately we had another miscarriage. Not just a miscarriage, but a long, drawn-out affair that might have included twins. We didn’t talk about it much, because I didn’t want the attention and sympathy. But God! Is good and I am healing emotionally too.

I turned my new energy into usefulness and cleaned out our guest room.


And spring brought me into gardening. I found out that our stair landing gets an extra 2-3 hours of sun, so I’ve planted tomatoes down there as well a few other things.


I also spent a month and a half finishing up old spoons and making a new batch.


We spent a week and a half taking care of a friends dogs. That was an adventure, but I love them!


And this past weekend was the Annual Spoon Carver’s Gathering. It was a blast!


To see more photos of the Spoon Carver’s Gathering check them out on Jar of Wood

Also, for those of you that are interested, I am keeping a some what daily photo blog here.

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