October 09, 2009

Montana Trip

Last weekend I drove with a former roommate to Montana to attend another former roommate’s wedding.

It was a bitter-sweet trip, so I thought I’d share pictures instead of a lot of words.


It was a fantastically beautiful drive! I’ve didn’t know that the Painted Canyon is located in west North Dakota. I was staring hard over the steering wheel the whole way through! Sorry I didn’t think to take any photos of it. In Montana we hit our first snow.

Champion Larch

Taking a walk to the Champion Larch tree, over 1000 years old! (We really went for a walk after the wedding Ceremony, but I thought these photos would be nicer to come before the grand event than after.)

Warm Clothes

So, it was a little bit cold. I am definately in layers! I wasn’t really cold the whole weekend, which is nice. I’m glad I brought way more clothes than I needed!

The Bride

The Bride.

We stayed at a camp with log cabins and a beautiful log lodge. There was no heat in most of the cabins and the weather was cold. The lodge was the only community warm building. Needless to say, I was there a lot! Here Allison is staying warm until last minute before heading out for the wedding ceremony.

The Scenery

The campground was located on Seely Lake, MT. A beautiful lake and beautiful hills in the back ground.

Bride's Maids

It was a bit cold, I think I mentioned that. Thankfully the bridesmaids were able to find needed clothing to keep warm while still wearing their chosen dresses. (Deborah M., how do you like the scarf?)

Bridal Walk

Allison as a Fairy Bride.

Van Dyk Women

Grandma VanDyk taking photo of Tricia and Miriam Groenewold-vanDyk.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

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