November 18, 2009

Bella at Play

Today was an unusual day for me and Bella. It was another day of “Firsts.”

We went for our usual walk, but took it at noon today. I thought we should stop by the fenced area to see if there were any other dogs out that she could play with. Just as we were approaching the fence, another resident was bringing her two dogs out too. After asking if it was ok for Bella to join them. I let Bella play.

It was the roughest play I’ve seen Bella in yet!

David and I are rather quiet people at home, and Bella has been rather shy of other dogs and people since we got her. I knew she was getting better with dogs, and I’ve been enjoying seeing it happen. Today was another level all together. She was running around, rolling around, getting her ear bitten and pulled, and she just kept going back for more. So I let her.

After all that play, she walked almost perfectly for the next 45 minutes for me! I thought she must be exhausted because by the end she was walking so well she was either beside me or behind me the last block. Very unusual for her!

Well, she isn’t as tired as I thought…

Bella 1

I guess the rough housing was stimulating enough that she wasn’t ready to settle down when we got home. She went to attack her canvas roll toy and made a mess all over the living room!

Bella 2

That wasn’t enough, then she decided to attack her rope, but I really think it was the camera flash that made her decide that playing with her roll wasn’t worth it…


In Christ,

Rita :)

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