June 20, 2009

Josiah and Adam’s Wedding

Now that we are home, and can take time to think and breathe, I thought I would back track and post of few photos of Josiah’s wedding, and give a little more detail from our side of it.

David and I arrived on Friday afternoon, the 22nd of May. We (we being Kelly Ram, Melanie Tvete and myself) had jut enough time to talk with Josiah about the dress she was going to wear. LONG story, the dress she wanted to wear was a mess! We decided that we would go with it anyway, and Kelly would do a lot of sewing the next day to fix it up. Then we headed off to the rehearsal.

disorder Disorganization. Who goes where when?

rehersal Rehearsal

Saturday was spent fixing the dress, packing up Josiah’s belongings, making sure everyone ate, and cleaning up any messes we made. Not only did Josiah need a dress ready for the wedding, she also needed to be moved out of the house so her Dad could move in the next week (she was living at their place until their other place was sold)

Then Saturday night there was a party so Josiah and Adam could spend time hanging out with friends who came for the wedding.

David and Adam David talking with Adam

Blanket Adam and Josiah playing with the blanket Kelly gave them as a gift.

blanket 2 They really do like it.

Spoons They also liked the spoons we gave them!

Sunday, Wedding Day. Last minute preparations. One last fix on the dress, and then a re-fixing after Kelly sewed it shut… oops. A little Church service and some breakfast. helping the bride get ready. A whirl-wind of activity!

flowers I’m putting the last touches on Josiah, her crown of flowers.

ceremony The ceremony!!

kiss The sealing Kiss

last one for the road One last photo before we left.

On the way home, after already taking a wrong turn, I realized I left my fruit bowl and wood spoon at the reception! Sigh, we turned around to get it, but everything was cleaned up and locked up by that time. So Josiah, if someone picked it up for me, could you hold it until we visit next time? Thanks :)

Then, we went home, getting home by midnight, or there abouts.

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