July 11, 2008

Vacation in Ohio

Two days after David and I returned from our trip to Minnesota, we rented a car to take our vacation in Ohio. I didn’t want to go. I was tired from the last trip. I wasn’t ready to turn around and head on a second one. I wasn’t ready to be social. I didn’t want to make the effort to pack. I was rather upset that we were not able to buy a car to take with us. And to top it all off, it was David’s birthday and I didn’t even have a gift for him.

That was Tuesday, thankfully on Wednesday David didn’t go to work so he could help me with all the last minute packing. That ended up being all the packing. It was 2 pm by the time we got into the car to leave. Then we realized we didn’t even know which way to leave town! David very diligently figure out how to get to our destination in Ohio, but didn’t look at how to get to Ohio from our house. Understandably, that is usually my job. It was quickly remedied and we were on our way.

After all that, this was one of the most relaxing vacations we have ever been on.

David and I went to Ohio to visit our college friend Josiah, and meet her boyfriend Adam; Kelly and her husband Don were there from Michigan. The last time we saw any of them was at Kelly and Don’s wedding two years ago. I know a lot of other college friends were invited to join us, but most of them were too far away to join us.

So, what did we do? We talked, for three days. It was so refreshing and relaxing. We did do a few other things, like went to see Wall-E, went swimming, had a barbecue with Josiah’s bible study. Mostly, we sat and talked. Some times we were inside because of the rain. Sometimes we were out side listening to and watching the fireworks from a distance. Often us girls were working on some type of project; Josiah embroidering, Kelly crocheting, and I was sanding spoons. Don was content to watch us. David made a pretense of carving, but that didn’t last long. Adam played guitar. Josiah, Kelly and David did some too, but not as much as Adam.

It was really nice just to catch up. It was nice to not have to go through all the small talk of who we are, etc, all that had been taken care of by 3-4 years at college together. We did have to get to know Adam and Don a bit, but they fit in so well that it didn’t take very long.

I can’t explain just how nice of a vacation it was, but I can post a few photos. You can find them in “Highlights of 2008” under photos.



In Christ


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