August 30, 2008

A New Semester

Where has the month of August gone? After all the traveling we did this spring, and the mess with our car, it was really nice to just “relax” this past month. I don’t know how much relaxing we did, the month sure has flown by.

A few items of news. We have a new neighbor! The trailer next to our has been empty for as long as we have been living here. A cheerful lady moved in just a few weeks ago. We enjoyed watching the progress of her move and were able to meet her as she brought in her last load of things.

I praise God because she is the nice “back yard neighbor” that I was hoping for. I was a little nervous that we would have younger students next door and I’d be too shy to welcome them, and then resent their being so close to my “back yard.” I have been praying that God would have someone move in that would be nice neighbor, and He has answered my prayer. I look forward to getting to know her better.

David and I did go to the New York State Fair last Sunday afternoon together. If you want to hear a bit more about it, check out my new blog on the Jar of Wood webpage.

Now we are getting back into school mode. It is nice not being a first year student. Instead we are able to welcome this year’s first year students and try to make them feel more comfortable. It it nice to not be learning everything all over again: where the stores are, where churches are, how to ride the bus, etc.

This year does start a bit different though. This year David is starting as a Master’s Student, instead of a PhD student.

David has been doing some wrestling about his schooling. It has been hard for him not be catching on to this student thing as quickly as he hoped. Even this summer when he didn’t have to worry about classes things seemed to be going slow for him. It doesn’t help that his interests tend to be all over the place and difficult to focus on a single topic. (Last line added by David.)

One week was particularly hard. He was really ready to quit, to leave and not be sad about it at all. After much praying and thinking, he instead decided to switch to the Master’s program. If his advisor approves, he has the option of switching back to the Ph.D. program again later.

David is seeing how much competition there is in upper level schools, and it doesn’t attract him. Instead he likes the idea of teaching at smaller schools, or community colleges. I am glad. I think it will fit us better.

Here we go, into another year of school!

In Christ


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