October 17, 2008

A Visit from Mom and Dad Hjelle

David and I just enjoyed 5 full days with his parents here in Ithaca. They drove out from Minnesota and arrived at our place last Thursday evening. It has been an enjoyable whirlwind of 5 days. I thought I’d tell you a little bit of what we did and add a few photos.

Friday our highlights included walking the gorge, eating downtown, and visiting the Cornell bell tower to see the Chimemasters at work. We also checked out a few of the libraries close by.

Friday Breakfast Preparing for Friday lunch.

Saturday we tried to go on the planet walk (a walk, less than two miles long, that is a scale of the solar system) hosted by Bill Nye. But found out that it was Sunday instead. So mom and I went shopping while Dad and David walked the planet walk a day early. We met them to go to the Farmer’s market and discovered that they were carrying a tent they got at a free sale. We shopped the rest of the afternoon, went out for supper and came home to check out the tent. We also Skyped with Jon for a couple of hours.

New Tent! It looks really good! It might look like there is a piece missing, but David decided not to add the poles to the fly. I’m excited for next summer! (Josiah and Kelly, we have our own tent now!) And it was Free!!

Sunday we went to church and headed back down town to do the planet walk. On Saturday we weren’t the only ones thinking about doing the walk on Saturday, there were at least 10 of us confused people, when we got to the Commons we knew we had the right day. There were about 500 people there!

Bill Nye at Saturn Bill Nye introducing Saturn.

group photo Breaking for Lunch after the walk. We are still all dressed up for Church.

Monday we took a campus tour and ate lunch on campus. We did a lot of walking and toped it all off with a trip to the Diary Bar! Yummy Ice Cream! A photo by Bebee lake:

Bebee Lake

Tuesday we decided to split up and do what Mom and Dad wanted to do most. So Mom and I did a bit more window shopping. Dad and David went to Wilson Lab Synchrotron. We both enjoyed our own activites and it made for a more relaxing morning for all of us. On the way home we stopped by Ithaca Falls. Beautiful!

Ithaca Falls

David and his Parents

Ithaca Falls 2

It was a good, full week. Usually every day when we got home we were pretty tried. Mom and I were anyway. But it was so nice to spend time with them and show off some of the finer points of Ithaca.


In Christ,


A photo to leave you with: David

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