May 11, 2008

Fiddleheads and Orioles

Today was a day full of surprises. Small ones mostly, but satisfying even so.

On the way home from church this morning, as we were driving up the road in the park to our trailer, we saw some funny flashes of orange colour close to the ditch in front of us. I said “Oh, Oh, Oh!” to David and he stopped the car so we could see what it was. They were kind enough to fly into the trees right beside the road so we could get a better look. It was a male and female Baltimore Oriole. My first since moving to New York. Seeing them was “Highly Satisfying.”

This evening David and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and I heard a bird close by that I have been hearing a lot around our home. This time I was finally able to spot it! It was a Scarlet Tanager. Another bird I have only just glimpsed at once in my life. Another “Highly Satisfying” moment.

Then, while we were walking we came across a path in the woods that I thought might take us to the river. I had wanted to finish our walk by stopping at the river on the way home, so we took it.

Well, after almost an hour of walking we not only saw the river, but also a great source of fiddleheads (I had just asked the neighbours this week if they knew where to pick fiddleheads, too bad it was too late in the season to pick any), hills, trees, flowers, steep hills, deer, rocks and gullies and a lot of other fun stuff. Little did we know it, but just a short walk from our trailer there is a walking trail that rivals any State park trail! And we just more or less stumbled apon it.


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