February 20, 2008

Our Home

I have been asked if I’ve posted any photos of our trailer yet. I haven’t. Quite frankly, unless you like seeing a lot of dark brown panelling, there is not a lot to see.

Ok, that isn’t strictly true. We have a nice white kitchen with red curtains. My work room is a nice cream colour, and the hallway is a beautiful bright yellow. Only the living room and the guest room are still brown panelling. Our dining room is half wallpaper and half panelling. Our bathroom has been covered by a nice wall covering that looks like tiles. And our bedroom is an ivory colour.

Unfortunately many of these walls do now allow for all my bright accents to shine, so I haven’t taken many pictures.

Instead, I thought you might enjoy seeing a layout of our trailer. Then you can still get an idea of what our home looks like.

Floor Plan

Also, as we are able to do some painting, as we did with the hallway, I’ll post a few before and after photos :)

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