December 05, 2005

An Exciting Find…

I ran across a new blog today, written by Mustafa Akyol. I’ve only started reading—but I’ve been thoroughly impressed. I’m always impressed by well-written cogent thoughts—particularly in this day and age where a simple name-calling session seems to elicit more power than any measure of reasoned discussion.

(Hmmm…side note…I think that is probably why I enjoyed 12 Angry Men so much when Rita and I watched it this weekend…)

Nonetheless, I have (so far) been very impressed with Mr. Akyol. He seems to have the communicative and reasoning ability that I yearn for. And, to top it all of, he’s Muslim. It is interesting to hear some of the viewpoints of someone who has a rather different (particularly in some vital points)—yet still very similar—worldview.

So much to learn to understand this world that God has put us in…

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