April 20, 2005

Euthanasia & Medical Ethics

I ran across an excellent article relating to the recent Terri Schaivo debacle and the whole euthenasia debate. It points out clearly that, though living wills are a good idea, they are no excuse for not having an overarching morality that is the foundation for all of our laws.

In reality, many dementia cases involve multiple illnesses, with uncertain prognoses, and a menu of treatment options. Often, there are various morally justifiable choices. Personal values do matter. But what is always needed is a moral framework that governs such private decisions, based on the belief that every life is equal, and no life should be treated as a burden to be relinquished, including one’s own.

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A New Pope

So it’s official—the world has a new pope. I’m not Catholic—but I think I have to say that I’m relatively excited. Why? Here’s a couple snippets:

I read responses by the public at BBC. Odd—the vast majority of comments were so disappointed about not having a “progressive” “modern” pope that would support abortion, gay marriage, and contraception. I think one commenter summed it up well, though:

“Many comments seem to be ignoring the fact that the Holy Spirit works in electing a new Pope. This is not an election to please the people. I think it’s great that the new Pope is a man that is uncompromising in his beliefs and in the values of the Church.”

Good point. Ultimately, if we don’t like the new Pope, I guess we have to deal with whether the Catholics are following the right God or not, and whether He’s real. Not whether we like the Pope or not. Especially since this Pope seems to be quite in line with official church teaching.

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April 19, 2005

New Web Site!

It is finally here! At least, in part. There is a lot that I still have in my head to add in the future—but the core is here, enough for Rita and I to start blogging. Feel free to send me an email at dahjelle@mac.com if you have comments, suggestions, or questions. Enjoy!

Oh, and the old site is still here, too. It’s just in retirement.

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