December 04, 2005

What is Truth?

It’s a question that’s lasted from the first century (and earlier, I’m sure) to today. Many folks claim to have answers. Some do. Many deceive even themselves.

Remember the telephone game from growing up? Sometimes truth tends to take a turn of that sort. Other days, it can take a spin like I’ve written previously. Some days, however, it seems we don’t even care.

A pair of posts at the Contratimes blog reinforces that point precisely. And, in the process, I myself may have even fell prey to this trick: I didn’t bother looking up the examples he cites myself.

We’d all like to believe everything we read, see, and hear—especially that which reinforces our ideas. The times, however, call for a much deeper, much harder, much more challenging but fruitful work: finding the real Truth, as much as we are able.

Will you join me?

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