October 27, 2005

Working Far Too Much in a Lonely Place

Well, I’m home. I was in Aurora, Nebraska for the first four days of this week working on a project for work. Lots of work, and not enough time to both do the work and get enough sleep. Far too much like college, if you ask me.

But I’m finally home, and very much glad to be home, having time to spend with Rita and just plain relax. I’m afraid there is more work to be done on this project, but I’m exceptionally thankful to be home. Being on the road, far from close friends and my wife, can be a very lonely place to be.

I’m also extremely grateful that projects like this don’t happen often at my job. It feels so terribly hard to keep God-focused priorities when work takes up almost all of one’s waking minutes.

But I’m home. And maybe back to normal. ;-)

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