October 18, 2005

Some very sad news

In the past few weeks 5 of our guppies have died. It’s been sad, but not a big deal because they are not my favorite anyways. (bad attitude probably but I got them for more company for the goldfish.) David thinks there might be something in the waters but I didn’t feel the urgency to check yet.

Well, this morning at breakfast we discovered that not only have the guppies died, TV has also died :( But his was by the way of suicide. He jumped out of the tank some time during the night. I’m a little sad but it’s easier to handle a fishes death when I am quite sure it wasn’t my fault. I thought TV was over his jumping days, but I guess not :-/ (there is a bad picture of TV in our “life in 2005 Jan-July” photos if you want to see :))

Other than that, David and I are doing very well! I am super excited to have my sister come visit me in two days!!!!! This is my first visit from my family since we left NB. oh yeah, speaking of which, Saturday marked the one year anniversary of our border crossing with our visa. Not only that but last week Tuesday I fulfilled my last requirement for my green card, now it’s just waiting until they tell us what to do next and hopefully last! Horray!!!

Thanks for your many prayers. Love you! In Christ Rita

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