May 14, 2005

Fixes for Internet Explorer

I realize there probably aren’t many of you that interested in the internals of how this site works, but for those that are, I’ll give you the low-down about the most recent updates. Sorry for the recent lack of updates—I was fighting to keep off a cold most of the end of last week. Oh, and playing trumpet in a wedding. And a busy week at work. The usual.

Anyhow, I think I have things figured out for the JavaScript errors and the logo not appearing in Internet Explorer—e-mail me if you are still having problems, and I’ll give a shot at fixing them. I also made a few CSS stylesheet changes so the calendar text wasn’t far too small for everyone to read. And, perhaps most excitingly for me, I was able to get sitecopy to work with my iDisk. That means that I only have to dial-up for a maximum of about a minute for each new post—maybe longer if I update a graphic or HTML template sitewide. It takes a bit of configuration—but once it is configured, it only uploads changed files, using a local database of checksums. Sweet!

If you are wondering about the “rcfile” configuration for sitecopy and an iDisk, here’s what worked for me:

site TheHjelleJar
    protocol webdav
    username username
    password password
    local /Volumes/iDisk/Sites
    remote /username/Sites
    http expect
    state checksum
    checkmoved renames

I don’t suppose I’ve mentioned this before, but my tool of choice for creating this site is Blosxom. I’ve had to tweak quite a few bits and pieces, but the end result is a blog and CMS scripting system that fits Rita’s and my needs just about perfectly. (By the way, if anyone knows how to get the Calendar plug-in working properly in static rendering, drop me a line.)

Enough of this technical mumbo-jumbo. Hopefully on to more interesting things before too long!

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