December 07, 2004

“Small but exciting news!” (e-mail)

Hi hi all!! I just wanted to write you all an exciting e-mail telling you that I am writing this e-mail from the comfort from our own apartment. Horray!!

David is at his second day of work, and things seem to be going well. He didn’t come home for lunch yesterday and it was a LONG day for the both of us. So today he drove to work so he could come home for lunch. It was much nicer.

I can’t write much, the floors are demanding to be vacuumed and the bathroom needs to be cleaned, even though we haven’t even been here a week. Not only that, but I have to walk to town and get some meds. It’s good excercise for me, about an hour of walking.

I hope to be able to talk to you more later. If you have MSN, you might see me mroe!

love you, in Christ Rita and David

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