November 28, 2004

Moving to Sioux Center! (mass e-mail)

hihi Everyone!! This is another long overdue e-mail, but thinking about writing it got me out of bed, so that is a good thing (wonderful sunday afternoon naps!!)
I just wanted to let you all know that the finally stages of this chapter are coming to a close. Ie. In two days we will be moving to Sioux Center Iowa and sortly after that David will be starting his first “real” job!! Horray!!

This week David and I went to Sioux Center (after going to Minneapolis to buy a matress at Ikea!! ;)) to find an apartment and do some errands before we moved into town. We are going to be renting a two bedroom apartment in the Carriage house Apartments. Although, it’s not really two bedroom. It’s more like two living room. It has the main living room and the other room that I am sure could be called the second bedroom doesn’t have a door or what not for privacy, so it’s more like another living room or study area or what not. We are hoping to make it into a libary/reading room of sorts. Which fits us perfectly since we have so many books! :)

The plan is, tomorrow (Monday, so since there was a delay in my finishing this and sending it, it’s today!!! for most people) is my birthday. (Every one sing now!! ….) and we will be doing a lot of last minute packing things and painting and shopping or what ever else we need to do, as well as celebrating my birthday. Then Tuesday we will be picking up the U-haul truck and packing it, so that on Wednesday morning we can just get up and go right after breakfast. It takes about 5 or so hours to get to Sioux Center so we will get there mid afternoon and be able to have a lot of time to unpack.

David is starting work on December 6 at Interstates. Horray!!! again!

I think that is about the most of it and we are super excited to get started. God is good and faithful and holding us. Thank you again for your prayers.

We love you! In Christ rita

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November 16, 2004

David has a Job!!!

Hi hi everyone! sorry for the long delay in an update, but I finally have something super exciting to write about! You probably have guessed it, David has a job!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! A week and a half ago David was offered a job with Interstates in Sioux Center, Iowa, but had also just had an interview with a company in Minneapolis so he wanted to wait to hear back from them. Today he called the company back (again) and they still didn’t know if they wanted David for a second interview, and, since we are tired of waiting, David called Interstates and accepted the job.

SO! Lord willing within the next two weeks we will be moving to Sioux Center! We are super excited about the prospects and can’t wait to write the next chapter of our lives. God has been good and we are doing well.

For those of you living in Sioux Center, we hope to see you in the near future. We may be calling to say hi or to even ask if we can spend a night as we look for apartments, etc.

We ask for your continued prayers. Thank you so much for all of them so far.

We love you all, In Christ our Lord Rita and David

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November 12, 2004

Passing time in Fergus Falls… (E-mail to Family)

Hi hi all! Thank you for the e-mails. We are doing pretty well yet. Getting very tired of wiating though, and it’s wearing us down a bit. David called goodrich on Wednesday like we had planned, and they said that they hope to call on Monday to inform those that they would like to have second interviews with, or something like that. We don’t want to wait much longer, since we already have a job offer from the company in Sioux Center, but This is the company David has been hoping to work with all summer. Keep praying and we will let you know what happens.

Right now we are also busy with planning for the Minnesota reception. It’s on November 20th. You are all invited :) So if you are in the area, please come by!

David is otherwise busy packing and cleaning years of belongings. This week’s project has been his filing cabnet. It’s been a big project, but we are seeing the end.

last week I was spending my spare time crochetting and reading and listening to books on tape, this week I have taken up whittling. something I’ve wanted to try for quite a while (believe it or not) Sunday we went to their other house in Barrett (It was Dean’s parents home) and I picked up a stick to try to whittle into a spoon. It’s been my goal anyways, and it’s looking pretty good! When I’m done I’ll e-mail the before and after pictures :) Unfortunatly today I also had my first accedent. I have a big gouge in my hand from a slip of a very sharp and thin chisle blade :( That was just about 2 hours ago. God was good. David and Dean were both home and just as I was letting myself cry to prevent shock, a nurse friend of Dean’s called and heard me, he and his wife came over to see how bad it was. God is good! The guy, Mike, fortunatly happened to have some Starery (??) Strips with him and could patch it up better than with a bandaid. So it will heal faster. And then David let me get some ice cream to feel better :) There was a LOT of blood, it was kind of scary. Especially since yesterday we got a call from Jon saying that he had to get stitches because of a fall at Dordt, and he has a few chipped teeth. Actually, it was the clinic that called for information, then David called Jon to find out what happened. kind of scary. 2 in 2 days, we are good! :)

anyway, other than those excitng adventures, we are doing really well.

Rich, thanks for the e-mail. it was great to hear from you a bit. Please tell Jack that I miss him lots :) When I was at the Mall of America, I saw another book of Apple tree farm stories, and I was going to buy it for Jack and send it to him, but when I went back to look at it, it had all the same stories in it that he already has :( Sigh, oh well.

Yeah, I do miss everyone quite a bit (Jack has just been one of the harder ones to leave behind, understandably i think :) I’ve been wishing I could even be in On tario to see my sisters new appartment too. That would be so exciting. Thank you so much for the great day we had in Ontario. It was REALLY nice to spend time with you. It was so relaxing for me and I loved it.

Thank you for your e-mail’s Kevin! :) they are great to get. How are things going for you? yeah Bush! ;)

Mom, thanks for the super great e-mail. I’m excited that you would like some of the knitting stuff. It’s exciting. So I’ll have to send you a nice package in the next week or so. :) Oh yeah, and for my birthday… :) I kind of already decided what I would like from you, if that is ok. I would love to have the settlers game :) I loved it when we played in Iowa, but it is kind of expensive and I didn’t see it here yet. You can decied if it is something you would like to send as a package (I would love that ) or if it would be easiest to send money. (Package package, Rita wants a package! :)

anway. I love you all and miss you like crazy, but God is good and we are diong well and still in on piece! :)

In Christ Rita

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