November 28, 2004

Moving to Sioux Center! (mass e-mail)

hihi Everyone!! This is another long overdue e-mail, but thinking about writing it got me out of bed, so that is a good thing (wonderful sunday afternoon naps!!)
I just wanted to let you all know that the finally stages of this chapter are coming to a close. Ie. In two days we will be moving to Sioux Center Iowa and sortly after that David will be starting his first “real” job!! Horray!!

This week David and I went to Sioux Center (after going to Minneapolis to buy a matress at Ikea!! ;)) to find an apartment and do some errands before we moved into town. We are going to be renting a two bedroom apartment in the Carriage house Apartments. Although, it’s not really two bedroom. It’s more like two living room. It has the main living room and the other room that I am sure could be called the second bedroom doesn’t have a door or what not for privacy, so it’s more like another living room or study area or what not. We are hoping to make it into a libary/reading room of sorts. Which fits us perfectly since we have so many books! :)

The plan is, tomorrow (Monday, so since there was a delay in my finishing this and sending it, it’s today!!! for most people) is my birthday. (Every one sing now!! ….) and we will be doing a lot of last minute packing things and painting and shopping or what ever else we need to do, as well as celebrating my birthday. Then Tuesday we will be picking up the U-haul truck and packing it, so that on Wednesday morning we can just get up and go right after breakfast. It takes about 5 or so hours to get to Sioux Center so we will get there mid afternoon and be able to have a lot of time to unpack.

David is starting work on December 6 at Interstates. Horray!!! again!

I think that is about the most of it and we are super excited to get started. God is good and faithful and holding us. Thank you again for your prayers.

We love you! In Christ rita

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