November 16, 2004

David has a Job!!!

Hi hi everyone! sorry for the long delay in an update, but I finally have something super exciting to write about! You probably have guessed it, David has a job!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! A week and a half ago David was offered a job with Interstates in Sioux Center, Iowa, but had also just had an interview with a company in Minneapolis so he wanted to wait to hear back from them. Today he called the company back (again) and they still didn’t know if they wanted David for a second interview, and, since we are tired of waiting, David called Interstates and accepted the job.

SO! Lord willing within the next two weeks we will be moving to Sioux Center! We are super excited about the prospects and can’t wait to write the next chapter of our lives. God has been good and we are doing well.

For those of you living in Sioux Center, we hope to see you in the near future. We may be calling to say hi or to even ask if we can spend a night as we look for apartments, etc.

We ask for your continued prayers. Thank you so much for all of them so far.

We love you all, In Christ our Lord Rita and David

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