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Cates, Ann Margaret (—living—)
Causin, Don (-)
Cederberg, Vergie Marie (—living—)
Cederberg, Vernon A. (-)
Champ, Joshua Theodore (—living—)
Champ, Mariah Kay (—living—)
Champ, Ryan Timothy (—living—)
Champ, Timothy (—living—)
Christenson, Pete (-)
Christopherson, Alva Yvonne (—living—)
Christopherson, Alvin (29 JAN 1911- 3 AUG 1971)
Christopherson, Carole (—living—)
Christopherson, Chase Andrew (—living—)
Christopherson, Clarence Leonard (18 FEB 1904-25 JUN 1953)
Christopherson, Cleon (-)
Christopherson, Dean Nathaniel Kenney (—living—)
Christopherson, Diana Marie (—living—)
Christopherson, Evelyn Gloria (—living—)
Christopherson, Harry Ingamon ( 9 SEP 1906-12 MAR 1985)
Christopherson, John Joseph (—living—)
Christopherson, Kelly Jean (—living—)
Christopherson, Kenneth Lawrence (—living—)
Christopherson, Maynard Joseph (—living—)
Christopherson, Norman Maynard (29 APR 1919-25 NOV 1993)
Christopherson, Norman Maynard Jr. (—living—)
Christopherson, Olaus Claus ( 1879- 7 DEC 1948)
Christopherson, Orren Joseph (25 FEB 1915- 5 APR 1993)
Christopherson, Ronald Harry (—living—)
Christopherson, Slyvia Doris (—living—)
Christopherson, Sonya Johanna (—living—)
Christopherson, Teri Ann (—living—)
Christopherson, Tristin Monica (—living—)
Clark, Faith (-)
Clausen, Larry Lee (—living—)
Cone, Mary (-)
Cook, Susan (-)
Couch, Ernest (-)
Couch, Floyd Rufus (15 AUG 1911-13 NOV 2002)
Couch, Frank (-)
Couch, Fred (-)
Couch, Harper (-)
Couch, Ivan (-)
Couch, Marian (-)
Couch, Martha (-)
Critchfield, Chad (-)
Croom, (-)
Crusen, Earl (-)
Crusen, Eileen (-)
Crusen, Naomi Maude (25 MAR 1904-30 MAY 2003)

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