July 19, 2007

Packing and Moving

My apologies, life is so crazy here right now that I don’t have time to give a good update. But I did write my family a nice e-mail yesterday that might suffice :) Needless to say, right now our apartment and world is turned upside down! But God is good and we are doing well!

An e-mail to my family:

Hi hi all, I just thought I’d take a break a minute and send you an update on how everything is going on this end of the world. I’m quite tired right now. I spent the morning digging through more cupboards and cleaning etc. Right now we have the guest room full of boxes that are ready to be packed on the truck next week. The table and kitchen is full of stuff that needs to be put into empty boxes yet and the couch is full of empty boxes :) I think the empty boxes out number the things to put in the boxes, so that is good :)

David has been busy using his lunch breaks to call people about utilities here and there and making sure the car is ready to go etc. It’s all coming along quite well. Last week and the beginning of this week we were both very very stressed. Work was busy for David and I was just over whelmed here about all there is to be done. God is good. Work is less stressful for David and God has given me peace about what there is to do here.

I hope to have two spoons finished yet by this weekend or Monday so I can send them to Kelly in Grand Rapids. One of them was supposed to be a nice long handled mixing spoon, but as I was carving the handle it turned into a zig zag handle instead, but it looks really cool! :) I’m pretty excited about it! Those are the only spoons I hope to finish before I leave. The rest I’ll have to make in NY and then send to people that have orders here. I do have a few orders, which is very exciting to me :) I’ve already sold 2 and have two ready for sale and people to buy them :) Lord willing it will be a nice little side business. Oh, and just so you know, we do have a webpage already for my spoons, but it doesn’t look pretty yet like we hope for. http://jarofwood.thehjellejar.com

I hope to be going to visit a lady from church this afternoon and she is going to see if we can make a pattren for my favorite pair of pants :)

I’m still doing Music Secretary work at church. I have a big project I am working on and hope to have finished yet this week. I don’t kow what I am going to be doing next week if I finish all I hope to finish this week yet :) Washing walls probably :)

This weekend we are going to David’s parents one more time. I have a lot of wood to cut into spoon shapes while I am there too. They are coming with us next weekend to NY too. I think we decided to drive our car instead of pull it, because its cheaper (not to mention less tiring! Whew! Hard on the arms!) So that will be 3 vehicles to drive about 20 hours. I think we are doing to leave Sunday afternoon the 29th instead of monday the 30th. Just for the extra time and then we can go slower. We hope to be there tuesday night and move in Wednesday :) How exciting!!!

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know how we are doing. God is good, I was stressed earlier, but now it’s going well!~ I can’t wait to see most of you in the next couple of months. Don’t forget we have a real guest room now and bedding even!

Love you! In Christ,


So, if you would like to see pictures of where we are moving, you can find them at: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/lifam/album/576460762342708268

Thank you for reading this :) Welcome back to Washington, Hannah and Nate :)

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