July 09, 2007

Weekend In Minneapolis

So, it is about 3 weeks from today that we will be moving. It’s coming up quickly! There is so much to do! Every morning in my prayer time, I say exactly that. “God help me! There is so much to do!!” Our weekends have been packed already back in June. Two weekends ago we were able to get together with our growth group, this past weekend we took a trip to Minneapolis and next weekend we have Brittney and Amanda visiting!! And the weekend after that we are going to Fergus Falls to visit David’s parents and then the weekend after that is the packing weekend… Yes, it is busy. Thankfully the weekdays were not as busy, but the closer we get to moving, the busier they become!

Well, this past weekend we went to Minneapolis and visited as many people as we could fit in. God was so very good! We were able to visit all of our closest friends in Minneapolis, have a good relaxing time with them and not feel rushed or crushed about leaving when it was time to go.

Even before our trip began I was able to visit with Allison for a few hours, I am so glad for that! Then we went to Melanie and Colyn to stay over night. It was a lot of fun to see where they are living and to talk about wood with Colyn for a long time :) He had some exotic woods and I thought it would be years before I’d be able to see woods that I have been hearing, reading and seeing about in books and on the internet. That was very fun for me. As well as to enjoy their pool with them in the morning.

After a good swim we went to John and Heather’s for lunch. It felt like coming home a bit, to see people that have been such good friends recently, and because we have spent time in their home before. We were even able to see John’s mom and Heather’s family too. It was a hot day, so they headed to the beach while we went to visit Jenna.

We stayed over night with Jenna. It was a hot night, but an enjoyable visit. I especially liked meeting her boyfriend named Weasel. Yes, that is unexpected for Jenna, but it is true ;) We went out for supper to a fun Ecuadorian restaurant and all ordered a different dish then proceeded to eat off of any plate we desired. That was fun! Especially since we have never eaten Ecuadorian before. We also went out for ice cream just before bed time. :) Fun fun

Sunday morning we went to Church with Janelle. I’ve been to her church before and enjoyed going again. After church we went to a lake to walk and have lunch. As we did a LOT of talking :) (of course). And David politely walked behind us carrying all of my stuff, what a guy! It was really great to see Janelle again!

Our last stop of that Hot Hot sunday was to visit Joshua and Allison, Rosie was there too! She reminds me of my sister Debbie… I was a little sad that I was so tired, but it was still a good visit. Especially for David I think. I enjoyed seeing where they live and their fun yard. There was one spot in their yard that made me think of Family camp in New Brunswick. That is a great thing! It also cooled off a lot which was muchly appreciated by me :)

Now we are home, and tired. I spend the morning at Tops and water Aerobics Then in the afternoon worked for Dale at church a while, and spent a few hours working with the wood I have waiting to be cut down to size. Now, I’m late for bed. But I did have a long nap today.

I have updated some pictures too, I hope it all works out well :)

Love you! Thank you for reading about us again…

In Christ, Rita

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