June 27, 2007

Packing, and more!

So, what is there to write about of interest when it feels like all I am doing is packing, typing into a data base and carving, if I get time? That isn’t actually true, but it does feel like it this week! Right now I am trying to pack all those things that we rarely use. I’ve gone through our bedroom closet, the bathroom cupboards, kitchen cupboards and now the storage closet :) Our spare room is getting fuller, and our walls are getting barer. We hope to invite a few people over before we move, but it sure isn’t as inviting of a place to welcome them to. But that is all part of packing.

David and I had a little bit of stress last week :) On Friday morning, the man we have been talking to about renting his mobile home for the past couple of weeks, send us an e-mail letting us know that there was another couple or family inquiring about his home also. He said that whoever was able to get him the money for security deposit first would be the ones to rent the home. The biggest catch was that the other family lived in Ithaca, and we live in Iowa. So, we did what we could to get him the money first. God was good, and after waiting we did get an e-mail confirming that they received our money and if the credit check worked out then we would be the renters of their mobile home. And, the credit check has gone through. So! Now we know where we will be living for sure when we get to Ithaca. We can focus on packing and not worry about apartment hunting. God is good, and we are excited :) Incase you would like to see pictures of the home. There is a link for you :)

David would like to write a new post soon, but hasn’t figured out what he wants to write about. The trouble is that he could write about so many angles of what has been happening, that he doesn’t know where to start. We are excited, nervous and busy :) But all in all glad.

I have been finding a few more spoon links also, so feel free to check them out yet again :) The two I like especially well is The Spiral Spoon, and Fine Art (I think that is the name). I also love the picture of the Turkish carver, you will just have to go to the spoon links page to see what I mean :)

I hoe you are all doing well, and we would be glad of your prayers right now.

In Christ Rita

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