June 14, 2007

New Web Page And more Links

So, David tells me it should work to write another post. I’ve been waiting anxiously for a few weeks, not wanting the few faithful readers to be disappointed (Do we we even have any??? Oh yes, Rachael of course!!)

So much is happening in our neck of the woods I don’t know where to start! Packing for our big move, house/apartment hunting, catching up on work for the church, spending last minute time with family and friends, and even finding time to carve! I even have “orders”!!! (People ready to pay me to make them spoons, how great can it get?!?)

Some day in the near future (think 2 or 3 months… ) we hope to put up a web page of my own, devoted to my wood working. I am very excited. I have some great pictures to show you that I took, but alas, I am saving them for the other web page. Wait patiently or pester David if you think you must see them now. Although many of you have already seen some of them already because I tend to blab about exciting things when I get them :)

Oh, we do have our Store’s e-mail up and running. I just spent a while e-mailing myself from one e-mail to the other. It is highly entertaining. Warning though, alter egos tend to come through…. Feel free to test it out (ah, the e-mail, not the alter-ego part you might scare me away) jarofwood@thehjellejar.com

Lastly, I am hoping to update a few spoon links that I forgot to add earlier. So if you enjoyed looking at the spoon links earlier, I have a great surprise for you. I may have left the best for last. I forgot to look under my “fancy spoon” links. These are the ones done by sculptors or ones with funky colours or in odd shapes etc. Feel free to check them out. I added a few other random ones too.

Lastly, Ha! who I am to say lastly now?! Did you notice how quickly I got sidetracked up above? I really did mean to go on farther about all the packing I’ve been doing, but I said the word carving and kept right on going… :) How silly of me!

As I said, I’ve been busy packing in the past week. I guess 7 weeks doesn’t feel too long any more. I am hoping that if I keep packing in little bits before we leave, then it won’t be so stressful the last week we are here. I really hope it works.

David and I have been doing a lot of apartment hunting too. We were accepted into on -campus housing but only into a furnished apartment. Well, we have too much furniture already to get a furnished apartment. So apartment hunting we went! We think we have found a great place, but haven’t yet signed the papers, we are waiting for a few last minute details. Please pray that it all works out well, or that God has an even better plan in mind. It is hard to imagine what that would be though. But we do want to follow him above all! There is no point in living otherwise!

And now I will sign off. I want to work on those links for you, then get back to packing or carving. But before I go, I must say a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you for brownies and ice cream tonight! And Pizza right???

I hope you all have a super day! Love, In Christ Rita

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…to the new thehjellejar.com! We’re glad you could make it!

Hey….do any of you tech-types out there have a suggestion for a good CMS, now that I’m on hosting which allows me to use one? I’ve been using a Perl script (actually, two copies of it, no less!) with a lot of hacking and custom scripts of my own (bash, AppleScript, and JavaScript) to generate a whole directory of HTML. Then I chuck it onto the server. Nice. Makes for secure and fast pages, but it currently takes nearly half an hour to generate this site on my machine. Not so nice. And it doesn’t have a pretty blogger interface for Rita to post; not that it’s stopped her. :-)

My current favorite for being able to handle this site (blog and static pages) and for being relatively simple (I don’t want the kitchen sink!) is Radiant. Yes, I’d have to write some of my own code to get this site out of it again, but it looks both possible, unlike with Wordpress, and relatively easy and clean, unlike something with Joomla. Plus it’s written in Ruby.

Any other suggestions?

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