February 28, 2007

A Lot Happening!

Well, it is been a busy past few weeks. Some because of mental stress, some because of traveling etc.

I thought you might want the grad school update, especially since it has been occupying most of our thoughts over here.

As I mentioned last time, David received an e-mail saying that he had been accepted to the University of Minnesota. Although I didn’t mention the school. Well, a week later we got the official letter from the U of M saying he has been accepted, but it also held some other information they didn’t tell us in the e-mail. Has has also been accepted for paid tuition and a stipend! Oh horray! we thought! We said we would not be able to go unless they would pay us to come, it just wouldn’t work. Now we just had to wait for the other school.

It wasn’t a week later when we got a package from the second university, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. They have also accepted David into their engineering program, and were offering him tuition paid and a stipend. Wow! how exciting! Although, David’s first reaction was “oh Shoot!, I didn’t want to have to make this decision.”

Both universities are having visiting weekends. The U of M is this weekend, and Cornell is next weekend. They are paying for David to come and check them out, and I’m going along with him.

It’s been a long month, thinking back and forth about both universities, or even university at all.

Two weekends ago we went to the L’Abri conference (David’s Christmas present from me) . Long story short, it confirmed to the both of us that we should be going to university. We are praying about which one still, and would love it if you could join us in prayer!

So, that is the update. The other bit of interesting news, last Sunday we were without power for 13 hours! It was Exciting! I loved it! We even hosted Growth Groups here and had meeting by candle light. (and flash light to see our books)

I hope to have a few more pictures up in a bit of my carving. But the way I am working, it might be longer than a bit ;)

I hope you are all doing well! In Christ Rita

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