February 03, 2007


So this past month I’ve decided to pick up carving again. Two years ago I tried my hand at whittling a piece of wood into a spoon. That was an exciting accomplishment for me. But since I also carved a hole in my hand I was a bit fearful of knives and decided to put them away for a while. Now two years later, a little bit wiser, I thought I’d try again.

So I was looking up carving in the local library and was a bit discouraged because there are SO many different types of carving! I know that if I tried many of them, I would quit before I got anywhere. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to pick up a piece of wood and a single knife and making something beautiful. In looking at the books it looks like you need wood and tools galore! I don’t want to use tools galore, just one or two would be nice.

In one of the books I read that “love spoons” was a type of carving too, I thought it meant that someone else loved spoons too, and loved to carve spoons, so I googled spoon carving to see who else carved spoons. (I have since learned that “love spoons” are a certain type of spoon, and to say “love spoons” is not short for saying “I love spoons” but is a category/type of spoon to carve :).) Oh how encouraging this research was!!!

The first page that came up was the Spoon Lady. Horray! A woman who also loves to carve spoons and does it as her “work. That was VERY encouraging to me, so much so I had to e-mail her to tell her.

The second page that caught my attention has been my favorite by far!! It is titled Eating Spoons That intrigued me. :) I love silverware, especially spoons. I spent a quite a bit of time exploring the links on the bottom of this website, and loved it all! Then when I was researching knives (The knife blades I have been using continue to break on me and I have no way of keeping them sharp, it was time to decide if I would invest in this hobby or be done with it.) I came across the homepage, Pinewood Forge, the only link I didn’t explore from the eating spoons page. And there I found so much more to look at. I especially love his hugarian spoon pictures!

Longer story shorter ;) I was so impressed with the information on his web page, and his knives that we decided to invest in them. They are very much worth the investment! I love them! Even David is very impressed! :)

Oh, and just when I thought I had explored his pages inside and out, I remembered that I didn’t finish checking out his links page, and there, just yesterday, I found a wealth of spoon carver/ing sites that just made me giddy! :) Hours later and I am still going through all the links to see what there is to see!

So, after all of that, if you want to see the results of my carving thus far, check out the photo’s under “Life in 2007” If I end up carving so much then I will make a separate page just to show you the results. I am challenging myself to carve a hedgehog right now. I don’t know why a hedgehog, but that is what it is. Well, I should say, I was challenging myself, but with the delivery of the knives and spoon blanks, I’ve gone back to spoons for the time being.

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Brief January Update

Hi hi All! Here I am to give another update about the past month :) We are getting back into the swing of things. The Dordt students are back and bible study is started up. It is great to have them back! I was able to get the Veggie Tales Dance Dance Dance game. :) We have been having a lot of fun with that one!

Oh silly me! I almost forgot! My girlfriend Robin had her baby boy two weeks ago! Stetsen James, a beautiful baby he is too!

I have been able to join a bible study with ladies from church. And I am now volunteering at the public elementary school Library on Thursday mornings and loving it! So now all my mornings are busy with aerobics, story hour, Bible study and working at the library. That has been a lot of fun! But I haven’t been able to visit with Robin as much as I’d like.

The big news of the past few days…. David received an e-mail from one of the universities he applied to and has been accepted into their grad school program!!! Horray! This is especially exciting for us because this past month we have been feeling even more like it is time to move on, we just haven’t been sure how or where. I haven’t said which university yet because there is another that we have also applied to that we are waiting to hear from. Please continue to pray for us as we move forwards and seek God’s will. We don’t know about financial aid, or if we are going for sure, but it is encouraging to know that he has been accepted. If this is where God wants us, he WILL work out the details.

Love you all! In Christ


PS, yes, with a new post, comes new pictures! Check out the “Life in 2007” page under photo’s, that will give you the most recent ones.

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