November 11, 2005

A Week In My life

Hi all! Yeah, updating isn’t something that I’ve been taking a lot of time for lately. God has blessed me with more things to do that I really enjoy and that keep me from being restless. I thought it was about time to share those things with you. I’m not super busy, but enough to give my week structure and purpose.

Starting with Monday. It’s a pretty quiet day. I usually end up getting some errands done and cleaning and things like that.

Tuesdays I plan for Story Hour at Covenant CRC in town. It’s sort of like a sunday school for 4 and 5 year olds while their mothers are in Bible study. I usual put off getting ready for it, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but God has been using it in my life.

Tuesday afternoons I have a girl friend that comes over for a visit. It keeps me sane! If I have story hour stuff to do, she will help me with that, which is a huge help!! Sometimes we walk or just sit and talk. It’s great to have someone female to connect with once a week!

Wednesday Mornings is Story hour. It’s also a bit of crunch time to make sure I am ready for it. It’s funny because it’s during this time that God really uses to touch my heart too. It’s during this time that I really think seriously about how these stories of Jesus are not just stories but something that REALLY happened. Some mornings it blows me away, others it causes me to be humble and repentant at my lack of faith. It is so easy to just read the bible as a bunch of stories and forget that it really truly happened. We are trying to read the bible in a year right now, but I struggle with it, both in doing it every day and then because I am so far behind I want to catch up but I am not able to take the time to really meditate on what I am reading. Story hour has been good for me that way. I hope I can not just leave it for story hour either.

I get home just before noon after Story hour. Usually I am quite tired when that is all done, so I take it easy in the afternoon. Or it is a good time to schedule other random thing that come up in my week.

Wed. Nights I go to church with David and get the music binders ready for the music teams practice later in the evening. We go around 6:30 and then at 8 David stays to practice with the team if he is able. It’s a good time for him to practice his trumpet.

My job is just simple, but I love it! It just gives me what I need for feel worth while in all my little projects I do. And when I get my green card I can even be paid for it! What a joy to be paid for something I love to do anyways!! That is great!

Thursday mornings I go to the Nursing wing and help out in the activity department. Every other week we paint nails and the opposite weeks we sing hymns and some in Dutch. The Residents love it! At first I wasn’t excited about it, but now I enjoy it very much. I’m glad to help and meet with the residents. I don’t ever want to work as an aide again, but I do enjoy the volunteering!

Fridays I get ready for Bible study. Usually that includes cleaning and meal planning and shopping etc. It’s fun and usually busy. I often get sidetracked as I am today! :) But I did my cleaning yesterday because I didn’t go to the nursing wing. (they are moving to a new building!)

Bible Study lasts from 5-9 ish. Some people come at 5 to help me make supper and then the rest come at 6 ish for supper. Dessert and then either Bible study or praying and singing, depending on the week.

Saturdays are slower some weeks than others. David and I try to spend time together on this day. Often David is working on Sunday school because he/we lead a class for people our age. We are studying issues relevant to our world today. Either current events or philosophy that is relevant. It can be a lot of work some weeks.

Saturday is sort of a catch up day or a relaxing day, it depends what we have to do or how much time we have.

Sunday we have church and sunday school. Sometimes we have guests for lunch and then we relax as much as possible the rest of the day. Sundays are a wonderful day! I’m glad God told us to relax one day a week. We need it. And in todays world two days is almost needed.

Well, that is our/my week! Hopefully I can find more time to update on the little fun things that happen too.

Love you! in Christ Rita

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A fishy update!

I just wanted to let you all know what has been happening with our fish. They seem to be stabilized and doing well, although I am still a bit worried about the rest of the guppies.

After TV died, we got another fish friend for Fanny right away but unfortunately it got hung in a tree in the aquarium a few days latter :-/ Oops! We waited a few days before getting more fish, because we were not sure of the cause of death has been.

Now we have a total of 7 fish. Three fan tail goldfish like Fanny. Three Guppies and one Beta. The Beta is in a bowl on my computer desk not in the fish tank with the rest.

We have renamed our aquarium TV, in honour of our first fish. And it’s much more appropriate to call the whole thing a TV rather than just one fish.

Starring in our TV:

Fanny, renamed Ester (but I tend to forget and still call her Fanny) A pure gold fish in colour, appropriate for royalty.

Amos. Named from the farmer of Tekoa in the Bible. He is a orange and white fish and makes me think of a cow. :)

Hosea. Named because he came the same day asa Amos and Hosea in the Bible was a prophet close to the time as when Amos was. Mostly gold in colour, but has a touch of white at the base of the tail to make him easy to identify.

Disclaimer!- If the sex of the fish proves to be other than they are named, they will be renamed as appropriate

Also starring “the Guppies” as the expendable crewmen. or a rock group, take your pick.

The Beta, not part of the show, is a bright red which looks nice with the bright blue shovel that is also in the bowl for decoration. (I hope to take a picture so you can see it along with my computer desk.) The beta is yet to be named, but Edom and Petra are two names that have been bouncing around for a while.

That’s all for now! love you all! In Christ Rita

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