September 30, 2005


Just last week Ruby Addink and I went on a random trip to Montana to visit our friend Allison. What a great time!! We got to meet a lot of Allison’s friends, go to the market, see Allison teach her class of Freshman students, sit in one of her classes, go to some readings, got to church, etc. It was a full and fun weekend!!

It’s also the farthest west I have ever driven! I’ve been to the west coast once but flying isn’t quite the same as driving. To think I was just a few hours south of Alberta!!! Being a New Brunswick girl, Alberta feels worlds away! In reality, I’ve only ever been as far as Sarnia Ontario in Canada! Even Manitoba feels worlds away even though I’m just south of there now.

Seeing the mountains was exciting too. We are not certain, but we are pretty sure that the mountains didn’t have snow on them on the way into Montana, but on the way out, they definitely did! Maybe I missed the snow on the way in because I was sleeping???

Check out the photo’s under “life in 2005” I have few pictures of the trip there. Also, you can check out Allison’s blog, she also has some pictures up from the trip. It’s at

So, now that I am back, David starts a bit more of his own traveling during this month. And if you are wondering where he has been all these weeks and why he hasn’t written much for his web page, well, he has been busy responding to his friends blogs that he doesn’t have time for his own ;) I’ll get him to put up links to his friends blogs later :) Maybe we should ask permission first…?

I hope you are all doing well!!! Love you, In Christ Rita

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