August 28, 2005

Halogen Lamp Dimmers, Part II

Well, after waiting probably far too long, it’s fixed. Yes, that’s right, the halogen lamp that I wrote about earlier is now back in working order. It wasn’t a hard fix; it just took me quite a while to get back an old project that I wasn’t too optimistic that I could fix.

It turns out that the fix was simple. (Hmm…maybe I don’t really want to admit how simple…) My brother showed the switch to his supervisor at work, who pointed out that one of the solder connections was questionable. (Thanks much, Rich!) Indeed, it was! So, I soldered it up tonight, and we have a working lamp again!

I learned a couple of things about soldering, too. First, I knew I had a cheap soldering iron, so I figured it just wasn’t working very well when I tried to use it. A quick look at Wikipedia, however, lead me to think that tinning the tip would possibly improve things. It worked great, and, in hardly any time at all, our lamp is working again.

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