June 04, 2005

Sewing Machines

Wow! Thanks Mom and Dad Hjelle! This is a great sewing machine!

This past weekend while we were at David’s parents home, they had found a yard sale that had a sewing machine for sale. I hadn’t been thinking about looking for one any more since when we went yard sale-ing here we didn’t find any. Plus I am borrowing a friend’s for the time being, I just put the thought of getting one out of my mind. So I wasn’t thinking about it when David’s parents told us that they found a sewing machine for 20 dollars. Before we headed out the Maplewood State Park we stopped by this yard sale to check it out. It looked pretty decent and was being sold by a lady who did a lot of sewing and just upgraded to a newer one. I figured if she sewed a lot, it probably was in pretty good condition. So we got it. David even asked if 15 dollars was ok instead of 20 and they agreed. Hooray for people that are getting tired of yard sales (it was the second day they were open, quite frankly I was surprised that it was still there!)!

Well, since David has a lot of work that he wants to catch up on around the apartment, I thought I had better do a little work myself. I set up the sewing machine and played with it a bit. I made a inside cover for a pillow I was making (one like I sent Jack, Mom). Then I decided I had better fix the sling chair since it was sagging a bit. Then I decided to see what those fancy gears were. Dad Hjelle, I think you would have been impressed. Essentially they guide the needle to make those fancy stitches. That was pretty exciting! I don’t know if I will ever use them, but it’s a pretty exciting feature.

All in all, it was fun to explore this machine. I even broke my first needle, so I don’t have to be stressed about breaking anything now ;) And I did my first practices of making buttons holes. That is pretty neat! You know, I really like this machine. It feels solid to me. Even better than the one that I am borrowing, which is exciting to me (sorry Lynda! ;)) So Thanks Mom and Dad Hjelle, you did a great job finding it and cleaning it up! The stand is great too! It works really well. (Can you believe that it came with it’s own stand! That was also included in the 15 dollars! What a bargain!!!)

I’m pretty excited about it and maybe I’ll even start working on that dress soon!

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