October 01, 2004


Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that we finalized our plans for traveling this week. After looking at prices of of buses, trains, planes and rental cars, we decied to buy the car that our mechanic found for us. Thank you SO much for your prayers! It wasn’t an easy decission, but we know it was a good one. Now we are praying to sell our car before we go to help cover the cost. I have a friend who’s family car is a wreck, but she has to convince her dad that they need a new car first :)

God is good and he constantly shows his faithfullness. We are exciting and are going to follow the same plans we had earlier. We are excited! Please continue to pray that things go well, like the meeting in MOntreal on the 13th. We woudl love that!

Love you all! In Christ Rita

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