August 12, 2004

Mass e-mail summer update:

Hi hi All I just thought I would write and tell you the latest news. David and I are still doing well. Still in NB and waiting to go to the states.
Good news is that we received papers for the last step for the Visa, Horray!!!! We have done some of what is required and sent the papers in for processing. Right now we are waiting to call a doctor in Halifax to make an appointment. He is on vacation until tomorrow, so won’t be back into the office until Monday. We will call then to set up an appointment. The earliest we could get an appointment is 2 months, they say it’s 2-4 for get it. But once we have everything in place we will push a lot harder to get it sooner. Lord willing!! He is good!

Grampie is continually getting worse, but it’s very gradual each time. It’s hard to say what the process is because it’s so slow. We are staying there Friday night again incase Grammie needs any help.
We are back there again on Monday because Mom and dad are kicking us out of the camper for a night :) My sisters are coming home on Monday and some of Mom’s friends are still here from Ontario that night, so my sisters need our bed :)

Good news! David has been praying for a computer for the past two weeks or so. We even went yard saleing on Saturday. On Monday I was talking to my sister in Ontario and she said they just got a new computer and is going to bring the old one here for David to use!
It’s so exciting. David and I Have been talking about how he could get a cheep or free computer and we prayed about it together and I was sure we would get one, now we are! God is good! We don’t know how he is going to provide all the time, but he does and that is great. OH yeah, the reason for hte computer. David is really getting antsy to do something that takes thinking. He’s been on vaction for 3 months since we have been married and is getting ready for something more challenging again. (Not that we haven’t had our challenges!)

The biggest reason I want to write is because I think I finally found something that I want to do with my life. After years of uncertianty and seeming lack of direction or passion, I think I have found something I would love to do. Short story: One day I was praying for God to become first in my life again (it’s hard to keep him first when I have such a wonderful husband, but David is just the gift from the awesome giver, and a great one at that) and for some reason my mind jumped to sex. Sorry guys, just being blunt and honest. My thoughts were (not R rated) about how is it not anything like I would have expected before I was married. It takes a lot of work. and my thoughts jumped to Teens and how easily they get messed up in physical things WAY too early. It’s got to hurt them!
Emotionally a LOT. I KNOW it does. My heart started to ache for them, not for the first time.

Since that first thought I haven’t done much more, but it keeps coming back up in my head. And I have found that I really care about this. About kids and letting them know the truth about sex. The problem is, I don’t even know the facts that much. I am sure so many of them could educate me more than I could them. (at least about the details) For once, I want to learn. I want to know what I can so I can help. a LOT.

Tomorrow I’m going to call the crisis pregancy center and see if they are still looking for volunteers to see if I can help. Lord willing, where ever we go it won’t be too hard to look for another place to volunteer or work part time. Then we will see what God wants from there. I’m really excited about this and I have to say that this is the first time I’ve felt any direction since choosing to go into youth ministry at Dordt over 6 years ago. God is good and I hope I can be used as he wants.

Now to find David a job…. :) Please keep praying, still not much direction there. But we know that God has a plan, we will know when it’s time.

I love you and and miss you like crazy!!

IN Christ, he is great! Rita and David

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