June 17, 2004

E-mail to friend about wedding:

Hi hi

How are you? I am doing well. I missed you at the wedding. How are your plans going? I have to admit, I was WAY too stressed to really enjoy mine to the fullest, but it worked out ok. I was stressed up until friday night before. even Saturday morning a bit. BUt the rest of the day went by great! HOnestly, it flet like just another day for me. for the most part. But after the ceremony was done (was there one? I don’t quite remember, but I watched a video of the sort, so there must have been! ;)) and we were taking pictures, I started realizing how much of a party this was. Frank, our neighbour, played music in between the ceremony and the reception. It was GREAT! And not expected. I had orrginally planned that they would just play at the end, but they took charge and did it while we were taking pictures, so the rest of the guests really enjoyed it. People even Danced! That was exciting! The food was SOOO good. the cooks did a GREAT job. Everyone loved it a lot. THat was nice to hear. I loved it too! Then Frank did more music and David and I even danced, not slow dancing like typcial weddings. More like, swing your partner round and round, try not to let her feet leave the ground, kind of dancing. it reminded David of the movie “Fiddler on the roof” and the kind of wedding dances jews can have. Just a lot of fun. It was GREAT! We both love that kind of dancing much better.

Want to know something that I keep thinking was really great?
Watching JAck and Keturah (my nephew and neice, they are cousins) at the reception. FRank was playing music and they were running and dancing and pushing eachother around and loving it. It was SO cute.
And they were having SOOOO much fun, and no one was telling them to stop and behave. I think that was one of the best signs of a good party :) So it was really good. I wish we would have gotten it on video though, but we didn’t. Then there was another short reception after that too. The other VanOord family sang for David and I. And Our family sang and Jack and Keturah Sang for us. It was great. It wish it was on Video too, but if I keep putting it in writing, and I have pictures, then I’ll remember it well enough. It was great.

Anyway, that was the wedding, sort of. David and I are back in New Bruswick now. If youw ant to hear about the honeymoon just ask :)
Warning! They are not all they are cracked up to be! The first few days were hard for me, and I even had a time of mourning. … (piece taken out)… I wasn’t prepared for that, but I was warned by someone else, so I was glad for that. THings are getting better.

I had to write you to let you know the update on my visa. I still don’t have one. And right now I dont’ know when I will. David has been trying to get a push on it, but we haven’t found the right people to contact yet. Pray HARD that we will have it before your wedding. Otherwise I don’ t know what is going to happen (sorry for the bomb shell!! :( ) I just wanted to let you know where we are at right now. I am praying that we will be in the states by that time, but in reality, we have no idea. I’m not worried. I know that God is in control, and there are things going on here right now that makes me not want to leave yet, but the time is coming that I might be stressed if we dont’ hear anything from immagration.

Here is the whole scoop. My grampie is dying of cancer right now. I’m doing ok. David and I really want to be here until the end. Which is why I’m not too worried about the visa yet. They are trying to keep him at home as long as possible. And with 7 children, so far so good.
Both a daugther from Yellowknife and their son from ontario are here now too to help. David and I are also on relief duty. And I even went to help him with his morning bath on Monday. This is the grampie that I visited all year while I was helping grammie clean house. (once a week)

The other two things going on is that we don’t have a visa and david doesn’t have a job. And we are praying that God will work EVERYTHING out in his time, since it is best. I’m going to send a prayer e-mail out to the intervarsity group here, so they can pray that we can be in the states for your wedding, will you pray for us too, or get some others to too? I love you Rachael and I want to be there!!! Even if I have to cross the boarder without papers! :)

I just wanted to let you know the update. How are things gonig for you? Are you still stress free? I hope so for you! enjoy it!!

LOVE YOU!!!! In Christ Rita

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