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Raalin, Anne E (-)
Rachie, Mons (-)
Raudi, Anna (-)
Raudi, Benedikt (-)
Raudi, Bertha (-)
Raudi, Ingaborg (-)
Raudi, Ingabright (-)
Raudi, Malina (-)
Raudi, Olina (-)
Raudi, Simon (-)
Rear, Janelle Lynn (—living—)
Rear, John Edward (-)
Rear, Laura Marie (—living—)
Rear, Linette Elizabeth (—living—)
Remen, Helen (—living—)
Remy, Anne Darleen (-)
Remy, Dale Anderson (—living—)
Remy, George H Sr (-)
Remy, George H Third (—living—)
Remy, George H Jr (—living—)
Remy, Jennifer (—living—)
Remy, Malori (—living—)
Remy, Thea A (—living—)
Richelu, Thomas Paul Jr (-)
Robinson, Kelly (-)
Roetter, (-)
Roetter, Charles (—living—)
Roetter, Steven (—living—)
Rohloff, Colleen Jane (—living—)
Rohloff, Edwin Henry (21 APR 1917- 2 APR 1970)
Rohloff, Eileen Carol (—living—)
Rohloff, Fredrick (-)
Rohloff, Herman (21 SEP 1858-11 SEP 1938)
Rohloff, Julius Gottlieb Wilhelm ( 3 APR 1891- 6 SEP 1973)
Rohloff, LaVonna Almae (—living—)
Rohloff, Rhonda Kay (—living—)
Romfo, Endre Jansen ( 1702-)
Romfo, Nils Nilsen ( 1699-)
Rosenkilde, Aagot Elisabeth (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Agnes Lilly (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Aksel Høyer (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Anna Iverine Birgitte (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Berit Lill (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Bjørn Georg (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Børre (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Carl Aksel (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Einar Børre (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Eva Helene (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Frank (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Georg Vilhelm (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Grethe Solveig (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Gry (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Gudrun Hanne Anette (17 AUG 1900-)
Rosenkilde, Gunnar (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Hans (-)
Rosenkilde, Hans Høyer (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Ingvild (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Jorund (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Lilli Aleksandra (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Nina (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Reidun (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Rolf Georg Vilhelm (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Rolf Hans (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Terje (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Tom Bjorn (—living—)
Rosenkilde, Tone (—living—)
Ross, Harry (-)
Ross, Margie (-)
Ross, Robert (-)
Rotrambel, Bill (-)
Roy, John Paul (-)
Rudig, Donna (-)
Rued, Sigrid (-)

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