August 22, 2007

An Adventure Begun…

Well, what is an appropriate way too begin the first post after so much has happened? I wish I could have been able to write posts all along, but I wasn’t able too. And now, if I wrote as much as I wanted this would be at least 4 pages long. :) Packing, saying good-bye, the trip, seeing the trailer for the first time, David’s trip to the hospital, David’s parents leaving, learning to live in Ithaca, visiting my sisters in Canada, Cornell orientation, an now another visit to the ER because I cut my finger. We haven’t even been here for a month yet! But in all things, God is so very good!!!

Constantly we are assured that we are in the right place. We have already found a church that we would like to call home for the next 5 years. We have already met a number of interesting people. We are liking the trailer more and more. It continually feels like home. I still want to do a lot of painting, but I am very happy for the little room David is letting me have for my own. It’s a nice little place to pray, and to carve, and to just be. There is a nice little pond in the trailer park that David and I walk to in the evening occasionally and sit by to talk and relax. And slowly we put things away and make this place home.

David and I both find ourselves liking Ithaca very much. Not for any one reason, but for many little ones. Last week David and I tried to learn the bus system, and spent the day in town. I loved it. I explored the library and then the downtown shopping. They don’t allow “big box” stores downtown, which is not nice for those living close and needing a grocery store, but it is fun for other kinds of shopping. I loved it! I found a store where I told David that if we ever need anything for the kitchen again, I want to buy it there. I found a store of fancy woodworking that I love. A store with expensive contemporary furniture, and a very cool chair made of tree roots. And a store dedicated to selling local artists work. I’m excited to see if I can sell there too.

So, what more should I say? David is excited to start classes and work. He is grateful he was able to work for Intestates for two weeks after we got here, both for the extra income and the insurance. My finger is slowly healing. It still looks disgusting though, I don’t enjoy changing the band aid. But, I found a real reason to be glad for a lame finger, since I can’t carve, I thought I should do some sewing that I also wanted to do but didn’t want to stop carving to do it. So, I have the pants about half way done but thought my finger needed a break.

God is good. I do pray that I won’t get lonely when David is gone all day long. I’m excited that there is a women’s retreat at church in October, maybe that will open doors to new friends. God is good, He is taking care of us.

Now I’ll see if I can get a few new pictures with this post :) Look under photos: Life In 2007

We would love your prayers! Love in Christ,


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