May 15, 2007

A Post for Rachael, and Spoon LInks

So, yesterday I thought I had better post something for Rachael, since she said I need to post more often, but then I remembered that I couldn’t post anything yet because I was in the middle of something that needed to be done before I posted again. And then when I was done what needed to be done before I posted again, I would need to write a post to tell people about the changes. So now, is this a post for Rachael or a post for you? Well, you can decide.

I don’t have much new to say yet. (Besides I was able to see Rachael yesterday who I haven’t seen in about a year! That is exciting!!) And I don’t think I’ll be able to post pictures today either. I’ve been busy carving spoons and sanding toys. Sanding, and sanding, and sanding toys. Did you know it takes a long time to sand toys? It is long, and not very interesting. But to make nice toys, it needs to be done, so I continue… And add a bit of carving to mix it up a bit. The Sioux Center Summer Celebration is coming up in a few weeks, and it would be kind of fun if I was done all of this so I could try to sell them, but we will see…

So, in other news, I have finished my project I was working on, and that was to make a page of spoon links for you to enjoy with me :) Because I am sure you all like looking at wooden spoons on the internet like I do, I have made it more convenient for you to find them. :-) As well as to show you my favorite pages of course. So, if this all works as planed, when I upload this post, there should also be another section under this links (on the left) that says “Spoon Links.” That is where you are to go.

Enjoy! and more pictures later, sometime…

In Christ


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