April 12, 2007

What a week!

David’s parents came Friday night to join us for Bible study. Saturday we had a surprise party for David’s mom’s birthday, and my parents arrived from Texas to visit. Sunday we had Easter and the sun rise service. Monday Mom came to tops with me, and water aerobics. We left for the Black Hills in South Dakota in the afternoon, after David worked for a while.

Tuesday we had not heat in our cabin and had to stay a while longer in the morning to wait for the propane guy to be done, but we were grateful for the heat that night!! We went to see Mt Rushmore (Horray! not fog this time!). Then to Crazy horse. Then drove in Custer state park to see the Bison. Finishing with a nice supper in Rapid City before returning to our beautiful cabin for cards and sleep!

Wednesday we headed home but took a detour through the Badlands and stopped at Wall Drug. We also stopped by the Corn Palace before having supper in Sioux Falls. We arrived home before 9 and had a game of cards before bed.

This morning we got up early to eat out with Mom and Dad before they left for Ontario. It was a great time! Very full, I’m tired, but it was a lot of fun!

That is the past few days in a very small nut shell (short of saying it was easter than we went to South Dakota with my parents). There are a quite a few new pictures to go with this post though. Enjoy!! :)

Maybe I’ll write more of a real post when I’m not so tired….

In Christ


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That is the answer.

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